About J9 Drones, LLC

The use of traditional aircraft to capture high definition photos and video of your residential and commercial properties is not only expensive it's a thing of the past.
J9 Drones, LLC is not your traditional studio photographer, our only business is aerial photography.
J9 Drones, LLC uses a fleet of state of the art unmanned aircraft to get closer to a point of interest than with traditional aircraft which is why we are able to provide our customers with an exceptional production in 1080i up to 4K Ultra High Definition.
J9 Drones, LLC provides safe and cost effective services such as  video inspection for construction projects,  storm damage assessments,
3D modeling of  real estate properties at a fraction of the cost of traditional aircraft.
J9 Drones, LLC  is  F.A.A. part 107 certified, fully insured, and a proud member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilot Assocition.