Your request via scheduling for the Products (images, video, etc.) provided for each real estate photography shoot constitutes your understanding and agreement to the terms of this contract and licensing.
J9 Drones, LLC will deliver the best possible Products based on the type of photo shoot that has been ordered. If there are any specific or unusual shots that need to be taken, please email me the details and/or be present on site for the shoot to do a pre-shoot walkthrough so that J9 Drones, LLC can make sure that these shots are included. Specific editing  requests made by the agent are the agent's responsibility to disclose and use properly. All such requests must be made in writing via email or text message.
Permission is granted to the real estate agent who makes the booking for the services   with J9 Drones, LLC  provide for the marketing of properties until the listing expires or is terminated for whatever reason – including sale of a property. You have the Rights to use the Products. You agree that the Rights to use the Products have been granted only to you. You agree not to transfer, assign or sublicense your Rights to use the Products, or the photographs contained therein, to anyone without written permission from J9 Drones, LLC.

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