Frequently Asked Questions

1 ) How high do you fly when you take aerial photos ?

The F.A.A. has a altitude cap of 400 Ft. AGL ( above ground level ) for all U.A.V.s, depending on the type of drone mission we are flying we usually fly between 25 FT. AGL and max altitude of 400 FT AGL. 

2 ) What are your current rates ?

We are located in central New Jersey which allows us to service New Jersey and parts of eastern Pennsylvania, southern New York and northern Delaware. pricing varies as it depends on the distance we have to drive to reach your project location. We encourage you to request a free Quote for your specific project(s). The quickest way to obtain a rate for your project is thru our website. In most cases you will have a proposal emailed to you within 24 hrs. Construction progression aerial photographs are much more cost effective than an individual job as we typically shoot the construction site multiple times a year which drives the price down. pricies are also reduced for real estate agents. we also offer special pricing for outdoor events , BBQ, boating , sports events etc. 

3 ) What format do you shoot pictures or video in ?

Unless otherwise requested by our customers we shoot our pictures in DNG RAW which gives us a little more room to be creative with our post editing, we can shoot in jpeg also if requested. we shoot our video in 1080i unless 4k or ultra high definition is requested by our customers. 

4 ) Can you print photos for me ?

Yes we do offer a print service. Requests for specific print sizes can be included in your price quote. 

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes J9 Drones,LLC is a fully insured company and our pilots are FAA part 107 certified 

5 ) How long will it take to get my photos

On the average our turn around time is a week, if digital delivery is requested we would email a proof page with the photo(s) on it, upon your approval and confirmation of payment we will send photo(s) over to your supplied email via Dropbox or google drive usually within 24 hours.